Marta Viteri

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Sam Nejati molds his emotions through the layers of paint. He masses up his brush; he glistens wet paint across the canvas in an extraordinary and matchless way… At times, he applies it almost tentatively. The authority of his strokes resonates the breathing of the artist’s soul. The true impact of his work is not in its measurement, as large as they are. A scale from within generates the immense internal depth, which echoes to the world beyond the physical canvas.

Strong texture, bold lines and subtle colors are signature elements of Sam’s artwork. Nejati’s paintings are filled with multiple narratives trough hidden symbols. His work illustrates the core of human existence, manifesting the expedition into the realm of emotions through introspective paintings, which in turn, create an unadulterated and new narrative approach. Sam trusts intrinsic truth, theory, and intention within his subjects; the raison d’être of material existence. He chooses to create the image in the purest form of expression, transforming internal observations about the world outside into the external life from within. Observers will affix to the captured emotion; guided by experiences and perceptions to unlock the greater context of oeuvre, discovering the reality of painting and the image is therefore revealed.

His paintings observe the power of suggestion. The artist believes that the abstract art has made the unseen world incarnate. “We live in very abstract time where Western world’s abbreviation of our reality has made a simpler form of expression. The function to communicate remains, yet our approach to communication has been profoundly altered” states Nejati. “However, the relationship of art to the social order has remained constant trough the ages: art obtains its nutrients from time and society, events and impressions and now the job of artist here is to arrest these moments”.

By looking at the work of art, we bring our whole being with us: our memories, experiences, cultures and the world in which we live. When we, the observers, view the art of Sam Nejati, we are guided by the emotions of his strokes, as they are embodied on the canvas.
His power of art:

To give us a glimpse into ourselves trough emotions made visible

Marta Viteri
Art Critic
Summer of 2009