Brian Westbrook

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There are lots of pieces of art circulating within the art world. Many, many of them have no soul. They are the product of a maker and marketer who only see artwork as a commodity; something to promote and sell for monetary reasons alone. Much of the pride of creation, the soul of artwork if you will, has been left by the wayside in order to pursue the “next new thing.” As a result, those things that made great art and great artists, has been replaced by the kitsch and saccharine. It is either that soulless assembly line creation of art for the consumer or it is an effort to blaze a new trail, producing artists trying to shock or assault the senses.

In the midst of all of this current confusion, there are artists still trying to communicate from their inner beings a message of beauty. They still believe that the purpose of a piece of art is to bring beauty in the midst of chaos. This isn’t the intellectual side of art; the arrogant side of the esoteric discussion of what makes art an art? It is the emotional recognition that those of us who acknowledge our need for solace from life’s downright hideousness. I am assaulted daily with the ugliness of the world. My senses are damaged; frayed by harshness, the inhumane, blasting sounds of progress. Just the reality of all of that life demands of me daily can bring on depression. I look for consolation in whatever beauty that I can pull into my world. My antidote for the dark side of life is artwork.

Sam Najati unashamedly creates powerful tableaus of beauty that move me as the viewer. They are dynamic, yes. They are cosmic explosions of color, thoughtfully coalescing into a effective color balances, yes. They are also communications to the observer that there is power in beauty; that beauty is renewing. The titles that the artist assigns to each painting are telling: Standing Strong, Existence, Gratitude, Inception. This is not just aesthetic painting. It is thoughtful and thought provoking. This work is emotional not just another $100 worth of material thrown together for the “market”. It is something that comes out of a young genius who knows exactly where he wants to go and what he wants to communicate. He wants to communicate joy and exuberance for life through his work. He is a sensitive soul who has endured hardship and harsh surroundings and wants to communicate the hope of surviving and thriving even thriving in a repressive culture. In all of this he is crafting beauty.

I have represented many deeply dedicated and talented artists. I have rarely seen a maturity, not just of talent, but a strong sense of direction and confidence in one as young as Sam. He is brilliant. His work is already mature beyond his years. For him, the future is not only bright but it is a gateway to greater and greater creative genius. He is growing with each series of works. This is because the work is thoughtful, passionate and unabashedly marvelous!

For the fortunate few who recognize the genius of this work, I challenge you:
keep your eyes on this young man. Some of the most imaginative and dynamic works of the 21st century will likely flow from his hands.

Brian Westbrook
Westbrook Modern
Summer of 2011